Social network analysis for goal 13: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable development of cities and communities includes many aspects, such as resources, environment, economy, society and so on. Social network analysis can help achieve sustainable development goals in many ways.

When it comes to resource allocation, for example, urban planners agonizing over where to build shopping malls, where to build schools, and where to build entertainment facilities, they can turn to social network analysis for help. Social network analysis is an important means to get people’s ideas. Urban planners can collect a large amount of user data and then use data analysis tools to get residents’ ideas about the city, so that they can know where people want to build a park. Through social network analysis, we can know how much city residents or community residents need certain resources. We all know that resources are limited, and the goal of sustainable development requires us to rationally allocate limited resources, and social network analysis can help us achieve this.

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Social network analysis can also help us build sustainable urban economies. In recent years, the sharing economy is booming, more and more people start to use the sharing bike, sharing mobile power, sharing cars and so on. Social network analysis can help developers of Shared products gain a deeper understanding of product requirements, such as feature configurations, launch locations, and launch quantities. Sharing economy is an important part of market economy and its stable development plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy.

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Finally, the sustainable development of society. Society is made up of people, and people need to socialize. Social network analysis plays an important role in social stability. It can monitor public opinion, In the information age, everyone can express their views on the Internet. Most people take responsibility for what they say online, but a few do not use moral restraints on what they say. They post rumors or maliciously distort facts on the Internet, and even incite many people who do not know the truth to join them. This kind of behavior will seriously endanger the stability of society and hinder the sustainable development of society. Social network analysis can analyze the comments on the network to locate the rumor distributor and solve the problem from the root.

Social network analysis for goal 13: Sustainable Cities and Communities》有9个想法

  1. Your ideas about how the social network analysis can be applied for building a sustainable communities are really inspiring. social media are playing a more and more important role in today’s world. Using the power of social media we can build up a better world.

  2. Thanks for your post. I think you have done a good job in illustrating the goal and the application of the social media analytics on this goal. I think the main tasks of the goal of sustainable cities and communities can be categorized into two types: transform the traditional way of energy consuming into more sustainable ones and discover the potentially new sustainable energy. I think the social media analytics can be useful to address the first task. As you mentioned in this blog, social network analytics can help us better design the city space and resource allocation plan since it can shed some light on the current status of the environmental and lifestyle problems of people. Well done!

  3. The third point enlightens me. I haven’t thought of the sustainable development of society and its relationship with social media analytics. Rumors are indeed harmful to our society and SMA can really do a lot to help us fight against rumors.

  4. Through your article, I can see several ways to solve problems through social media analysis: collect public opinion through the network to build buildings, the sharing economy, and network supervision. Your article really inspires me, and can help me write my article better.

  5. You shared some practical ways of utilizing social media in this article. Social network analysis is useful for collecting the ideas of residents and analyzing their demands, which can be helpful to build the city and develop the economy. It is beneficial to the sustainable development of society.

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  6. There is no doubt that social network analysis is of great help to the sustainable development of cities and communities. I think through the analysis of social media, we can get a more real understanding of people’s needs. Of course, we should also carry out analysis on the basis of respecting users’ privacy.

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